Scope of work


This is the best way to see non-existing interiors in a photorealistic form. Thanks to the virtual arrangement of rooms, you can plan and develop the available space well. See what it looks like in daylight and artificial lighting. Interior visualizations are most often based on the provided plans and CAD architectural designs.

Creating interiors can take time depending on the amount of detail and modeling required. In general its safe to say that each room takes at least a day of work while living room + kitchen takes two days.


The first step is to build a 3D model of the building, most often based on architectural drawings. The second stage is the creation of the entire environment - vegetation, road infrastructure and other buildings. People in the surroundings of the presented building add emotion and naturalness, which increases the attractiveness of the image and the power of the message.

The price may wary depending on scope of work and scale of project. The example scene on the left took 3 weeks to finish from 0 - that included modeling everything.

VR/Panorama Set

Project can also be created both in real time enviroment as well as 360 panorama set which allow opening it on any device via cloud web-browser throu link which can be send directly to the client as well as creating separate VR instance to be run on personal computer (good gaming PC required). Those additional services allow for immersive experiance and make project much more appealing for the client

The example on the right took 2 weeks to finish starting from CAD drawing. Including modeling


a great addition can be a 3D animation that will help you accurately present the investment. In a short video, we can show much more details than in ordinary photos. In order to present the entire estate in the best possible way, a good way is to make a so-called camera flight around the buildings. Animated interior visualizations can be made in a similar way.

Extra: Additional Images

Sometimes single image is not enough - not a huge problem - i can create extra image quickly. What matters the most if the next image is in the room which was already modeled and visualized or its a "fresh" room which has to be build, thus taking additional time. In general its safe to say that each room takes at least a day of work while living room + kitchen takes two days.


On the Internet, it is difficult to find a company's website where, without contacting us, we will find out what are the prices for creating a 3d visualization. Companies do not want to share this data for various reasons. One of them is the difficulty in creating a price list that will be appropriate for at least the majority of seekers. In order to get a good price for a project, we need a lot of information about the complexity of the solids, building surfaces, number of shots and detail. However, many years of experience show that it is possible to draw average values, which in most cases can reflect the workload for different types of 3d visualization. It turns out that we are able to estimate a lot without asking for a lot of details. In general it all comes down to time spend vs money ratio. What works the best is fixed price per day of work - working fast and efficient way to make it on time.

Right now the daily rate is 150 Euro per day of work.

If you have big project with multiple houses where you want to create multiple images/animations of interior/exterior - contact me for detailed pricing: pawel@rymsza.pl