Ryan McCuskey is an Ohio State University graduate making major waves in HIT and project management. He’s also planning to launch his own independent consulting firm.

Ryan McCuskey

Ohio State University

Ryan McCuskey is a Buckeye through and through! He pursued two postgraduate degrees at Ohio State University after receiving his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science from Marshall University. His versatile resume is polished by an MHA and a Juris Doctor (JD), Law from OSU. While enrolled, he enjoyed being an active member of the Ohio State University student community. Most notably, he completed an Administrative Residency at VHA, Clerkship with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and stood as Publishing Senior Editor for OSU’s I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society.

McCuskey loves returning to his old stomping grounds every now and then. Years after completing his degrees at Ohio State University, he still roots for the Buckeyes every football season!

Ryan McCuskey stands as Principal of Reliant, a project and property management company. Family owned and operated, Reliant has served thousands of clients for nearly half a century. As a member of the McCuskey family, Ryan is more than just an employee at Reliant -- he is an integral member of the company. As Principal at Reliant, he has become well-versed in both project management and property management processes. He has helped clients through every step of a project lifecycle, from planning and initiating to executing and closing.

Ryan McCuskey
Ryan McCuskey

Independent Consulting Start-up

Working for Reliant on such a direct and personal level has taught Ryan McCuskey a great deal about what it takes to run a business. His time with the company has equipped him with the knowledge and skill set necessary to launch his own business. Currently, his own independent business consulting firm is in the works. The company is already registered in the state of North Carolina and McCuskey is ecstatic to see where this new experience will lead him!