Ryan Kemmer

Creator, Engineer, Composer

Tempe, AZ

Here is a highlight of one of my favorite projects, "Mind Effect", an interactive sound program created to add digital depth to live performances. The project is an application written in Max MSP, utilizing microphones and a MUSE EEG headset.

Welcome to My Site

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Ryan Kemmer is an engineer, percussionist, composer and music producer. He has over years 6 years of experience producing music, 10 years of experience with percussion, and has produced and written multiple songs, albums, and EPs that are available to stream all over the web (see Discography). From a young age, he found a passion for creativity, and has been writing and composing his own piano pieces at age 5. Currently, he is a member of alternative rock group Her Name Echoes, and is an informatics student at Arizona State University.

Compositions and Recordings



Music Production: ryan.kemmer@asu.edu

Inquiries: ryan.kemmer@asu.edu

Booking: ryankemmer77@gmail.com

Phone: 520-403-4343

Tempe, Arizona Area

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-kemmer