Ryan Sequin

Ryan Sequin is a composer, playwright, theatre performer, and music teacher. Notable performances include roles as Jesus (Godspell), The Baker (Into the Woods), Bazzard (The Mystery of Edwin Drood), and Alf (Peter and the Starcatcher). His stage musical, Unraveling Magicians, debuted as an audio drama in November 2020, produced by the Theatre Department at Saginaw Valley State University.

"'The goose is cooked.' Four simple words, uttered by [Sequin], with just the right inflections of voice and body and life and halting, that made them so utterly funny. An actor who at that point had blended in with the ensemble scenery and was not one of the leads. Suddenly, you noticed him." - Janet Martineau, Arts Saginaw

In addition to composing, writing, and performing, Ryan occasionally teaches online voice and piano lessons from his home studio.