Advisory Services

The advisory services are focused on skill sets where Bob has significant experience so as to offer guidance and input to any organization. These services may be utilized for a unique engagement, or part of a broader service plan.

Organizational Development [OD] is the practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance. Typically, OD begins where traditional Human Resources ends. Facets could include organizational change, specialized training, targeted recruitment, succession planning, process analysis and improvement.

Business Development [BD] focuses on the planning, process development and implementation and the sales techniques required to outperform your peers and seriously grow your business. Personnel training and/or specialized recruitment is typically a part of this service.

Civic Engagement [CE] encompasses many different skill sets for both individuals and organizations.

Individuals who may have acquired a professional position that now requires community interaction can benefit from specialized training on working with others you don't manage, building consensus, community trusteeship and more.

Organizationally there may be a need for local government relations or community awareness or advocacy campaigns. Outsourcing these endeavors may allow for a needed firewall of protection as well as concentrated focus on the pressing issue.

Leadership Evolution [LE] develops a plan for the business owner or management to begin taking specific steps in the lifespan of the entity. It could include an exit strategy or identification and development of the next tier of leaders in order to prepare for additional growth. This area has been identified as one of the biggest needs for organizations, as highlighted in a recent Forbes article.

Executive Coaching [EC] is a confidential coaching program custom designed to strengthen the individual, and thus strengthen the team. Take your leadership to the next level with development from one who can help you sharpen elements within the breadth of your role such as creating vision, influencing others, leading change and balancing work and personal life.

Strategic Planning [SP] should be a comprehensive activity that evaluates the present situation, then sets priorities for the entire organization. Outcomes are typically SMART goals and include a process for reporting and monitoring results.

Business Intelligence [BI] recognizing an organization's Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]; and how to keep the team focused on achieving growth these areas through balanced scorecards and other dashboard views. Additionally, the entities management software system[s] are explored for means to automate the reporting functions, keeping the team focused on achievement, not report writing.

Process Improvement [PI] analyzes the organization's various internal and external processes in an effort to eliminate inefficiency and optimize people and technology for the best customer-focused outcomes. Improvements in this manner should lead to optimized performance of the team and increased profits.

Merger & Acquisition Management [MA] is needed anytime two become one. Management must address the "me" issues right from the start, but that is only the beginning. From customer sales through production and on to product fulfillment, multiple processes are owned by the merging entities and only one should survive - the best!

Marketing Plan Construction [MA] in this day and age is more and more complicated. Reputation management must happen in real-time before a negative interaction goes viral. Analyzing which products and markets need improvement, as well as allocation of resources for traditional and social media must all be considered when developing a plan to grow the business.

Project Management [PM] will occasionally require more resources than are presently available inside the organization. Since by its very nature it should be a temporary restraint, utilizing an external project manager helps with the planning, executing, controlling and closing out that is required to complete the project.

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