Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I register my own team?

A: Eventually, yes. Year one is all about getting established. We will break apart teams each week based on who is there. In future seasons the league will run similar to a softball or indoor soccer league. Groups will register a team and compete each week for a championship or trophy.

Q: Can I register as an individual?

A: Yes. As stated above, everyone will register as an individual. Once the team structure is in place, individuals who register will be assigned to a team.

Q: Is the coed requirement going to be enforced?

A: We will break apart teams as best we can. Once team registration in place, this will be enforced unless otherwise requested.

Q: Will there be referees?

A: We plan to have certified referees beginning in year two (2018). Gentleman's rules will be implemented initially, defense will call touches.

Q: Are there higher levels of competition?

A: Yes! There are regional and national touch tournaments and even a USA Eagles team that competes in a World Cup every 4 years. We plan to enter tournaments according to player interest. Registered players will be eligible for consideration to the National team.

Q: Do I need to be CIPP registered to play?

A: No. CIPP covers USA Rugby Union teams. We do ask individuals register with USA Touch which is free of charge. RVA Touch will also be registered as a USA Touch member club.