Simplex Net

Rcares has a simplex net on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The net is on simplex frequency of 146.475 and has no tones or offsets. In the past simplex often had a tone. This is no longer the case. We start the net by seeking Relay stations from North, East, South, West. This helps because the Net Control Station can not always hear all stations. Also not all stations can hear Net Control. So it is important for (NCS) to repeat traffic as in check ins and also to ask for Relays very often. By doing this it involves everybody on the net. If you can hear a station that no one else hears, it is your job then to relay to either one of the Relay stations if unable to communicate with (NCS) or directly to Net Control if you are able to communicate with (NCS). It may be that a small handheld radio with a rubber duck antenna can hear (NCS) but has no way to communicate with (NCS). You may have an external antenna and a base station and easily hear the handheld and Relay that information. Come join in on the Simplex nets. We Need You.