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OOZE: Little Bursts of Body Horror


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This tiny anthology is full of gross, grimy, creepy, crawly, bubbling, bursting fun, but what will surprise you is how much heart and story can be squeezed into such small packages.

With twenty-one authors putting forth their best short works of body horror, be prepared to be smacked in the face with a combination of what you look for when you pick up a book like this—the transformation, dissolution, and decay—but also by a delightful number of heartfelt and surprising twists on the genre.

With weird and wonderful cover art for each story, a foreword by Bridgett Nelson, and stories by Judith Sonnet and Rowland Bercy Jr., OOZE brings body horror to you in twenty-one disgustingly bite-size chunks.

This book is revolting, touching, and terrifying. Don’t forget to wash your hands after reading this little burst of fantastic new horror fiction.

Accidental Death

Jeremiah Steele goes to a simple game night with friends, a night out after three months of staying in with his wife and newborn son. When he has to make a split-second choice, he makes the wrong one, with tragic results. When the consequences seem unbearable, he is faced with a surprising new decision, one that could erase his wrong. But nothing comes without a price.

A dark and emotional tale from Ruth Anna Evans, author of No One Can Help You: Tales of Lost Children and Other Nightmares, this 6,000-word short story hits hard from beginning to end. You'll wish you hadn't read it--and then you'll want to read it again. 

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NO ONE CAN HELP YOU: Tales of Lost Children and Other Nightmares

The world is a scary place…

A five-year old boy tries to tell his parents there’s something not right about the cleaning lady, but it may be too late. The ghost of a child killed in a mass shooting begs his mother to take revenge.  A police officer sees visions of people dying and is helpless to stop it--then he sees his own daughter die. Doctors tell a woman she’s perfectly healthy. She’s not.

Think of the worst thing that can happen, then add in the supernatural, the strange, and some heartbreaking twists. You’ll have No One Can Help You: Tales of Lost Children and Other Nightmares.

With brand new novelette Trigger Warning, new short story Anxiety, and never-before-published flash fiction, this collection is your worst real-life fears come true.  Then magic makes it so much worse.

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Side Effects Include

Middle age is hitting Laura hard: her husband has lost interest; her hair is thinning; she's gaining weight. But when she seeks medical help, the side effects are so much worse.

A disgusting 6,000 word medical horror story, Side Effects Include will have you squirming in your seat. Everyone promises Laura she'll feel better, but before long she finds herself tied to a hospital bed with a needle in her neck. For Laura, it's hell. For the horror lover, it's a bloody good time.

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What Did Not Die

Jordan Sharp has been writing for the local newspaper for two years. But when a sinister ghost-child emerges from a suspicious house fire and brings to life her darkest memories, she finds herself in the middle of the story. After a life of isolating herself from others, Jordan needs to reach out for help. And there’s a handsome, sympathetic firefighter just waiting for her to ask. But as people around her start falling victim to the deadly haunting, is it worth putting him at risk? And can Jordan resolve her troubled past before it's too late?

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Don't Kill the Dog:

A Short Story

No dogs were harmed in the making of this story. No real dogs, anyway. Playing on the cardinal rule that you can kill anyone in fiction—except the dog—this short horror story starts with a vet tech getting a taste of the day-to-day realities of a busy practice. But things get weird fast, and she finds herself dealing with a lot more than she bargained for. If you like some gore and a little black humor, you’ll enjoy this quick read. 

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Missing: A Short Horror Story

Ben is a five-year-old boy who likes playing with Hot Wheels and wearing his fast blue shoes. But he knows there's something not right about the cleaning lady. When his toys start going missing, he tries to tell his parents that Miss Jean is taking them, but they don't believe him. And then it's too late.

A 6,500 word short horror story, Missing doesn't pull any punches. It will have you rooting for its young protagonist as he experiences every child's--and parent's--worst nightmare. 

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Phantom Pain

It’s just Lisa’s luck that a long-awaited relationship would start just as she develops a disturbing medical problem. In this 8,000-word LGBTQ body horror story, the terror doesn't come from the outside, but from within. As Lisa's mysterious illness ravages her body, she has a choice to make. Will she choose love? Or something worse?

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