M. Ali Saghiri, D.Eng, MS, PhD  

(Principle Investigator and Director)

Dr. Saghiri has a Ph.D. in Dental Material and is the Director of Lab of Biomaterial at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM). He has broad expertise in the field of dental material with more than 100 publications in areas such as dental biomaterials, endodontic cements, restorative materials, oral biology, and angiogenesis. He is the inventor of Nano White Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (NWMTA), which is a US patented novel endodontic cement used as root canal filling biomaterial.

In addition, Dr. Saghiri is the only researcher in the dental clinic in the East Coast to receive the Denbur Award Tech. Dr. Saghiri was nominated because he is a Clinician, Researcher and an Entrepreneur. He has worked with high-tech companies including RooTogen and Philips Oral Healthcare. He  has close to a 100 articles indexed in PubMed, 61 of which he is the first author for, a number of patents, and diverse collaborations.

AFSAR LAB is currently working on the expandable Endodontics sealer project. This project was patented and has been made possible by Research to Prevent Blindness to the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; the Retina Research Foundation; and National Institutes of Health grants. Commonly used endodontic sealers used to fill the root canal space have two main limitations: shrinkage, which results in detachment of filling materials from the root canal walls, soluble, and/or “washing-out” of endodontic sealers. Both shrinkage and washing-out of sealers can cause gap formation inside and between the filling material and root canal walls. This gap formation can result in microbial colonization and reinfection of tooth root canal space, which in turns can lead to the failure of the treatment. This sealer is an innovation on the sealers on the market because it has a unique ability to expand instead of shrink. This would eliminate the cause of most endodontic failure. Thus, creating a safer, easier, quicker, and more affordable procedure that can be performed by more providers to a wider range of patients.

Ex- Philips Oral Health Care , Costco  and UMICH 

Visiting Professor, Digital Dentistry Collaborator

Ali Mohammad Saghiri, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor

Project: Computer Engineering

BS: Computer Engineering

MS: Computer Engineering

PHD: Computer Engineering

Google Scholar 





Visiting Professor, Orthodontic and Craniofacial Research 

Fatereh Samadi  DDS, MS 

Visiting Assistant Professor

Project: Orthodontic Biomaterials


MS: Orthodontic Biomaterials

Google Scholar 


Lab Manager

Devyani Nath

Lab Manager

Major: Biomedical Engineering

MS: Buffalo University


Clinical Coordinator and Strategist

Julia Vakhonvesteky, BS

Major:  Biological Sciences (Pre-dental)

Project: Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

BS: ​Rutgers University

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Adjunct Instructor 

Hamed Kazerani, BS, MS. PhD 

Major:  3D printing and Material Characterization 

Project: Material Characterization 

BS: ​Rutgers University



Amir Fakharzadeh, DMD

​​Adjunct Researcher

Project: Gingivitis and the Role of Angiogenesis



Ali Obeidi, DMD, DDS, MS

​​Adjunct Researcher

Project: Restoration  and Bonding in Dentistry


Google Scholar

Ali Baghalian, DDS, M.S.c

Pediatric Dentistry Resident

Project: Clinical Pediatric implications

BS: Shahed Dental School, Tehran

MS: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Peter Freag, DDS​

Visiting Clinician

Project: Implant and its complications in maxillofacial dentistry



Mahsa Amanabi, DDS


Project: Innovation in Oral Devices

BS: Tabriz University of Medical Science

Google Scholar

Eli Samadi, DDS

Project: Innovation in Oral Devices

DDS: Mazandaran university 

Kasra Karamifar, DDS, MS

Adjunct Researcher

Project: Dentin Mineralization 

DDS: Shiraz Uni 

MS/PHD: New Jersey Institute of Technology


Armen Asatourian, DDS

Research Resident

Major: Dental Surgery

Project: Advance Biomaterials 

DDS: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Google Scholar


Jawwad Hussain

​Major: Dentistry

​Project: Teledentistry


Abraham Lee, BS

Major: Biobehavioral Health

Project: Application of Technology in Dentistry

BS: Penn State University

MS: Rutgers University

Omar Shahid, DDS

Prosthodontic Resident

Major: Dental Surgery

Project: Digital Dentistry and 3D Rendering

BS: Hamdard University Karachi

Azam Kowalczyk, BS

Major: Electrical Engineering

Project: Diabetes detection using machine learning/deep learning algorithms and speech processing

BS: Shahid Chamran

MS: Sahand University

Abdor Rahman Ahmed, BS

Major: Biological Science (Pre-dental)

Project: TBA

BS: Rutgers University

Denis Wykoff, BS

Major: TBA (Pre-Med)

Project: Legal and Role of CODA in dental Education

Harkanwal Kanwal

Major: Dentistry

Project: Scale up of dental biomaterials


Anna Vakhnovetsky, BS

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology (Pre-Med)

Project: Diabetes and the Voice

BS: Johns Hopkins University


Jordan Tang, BS

Major: TBA ​(Visiting Researcher)

Project: App and GUI in dental application

BS: ​Rutgers University

Marina Ghobrial, BS

Major: Chemical Engineering (Pre-dental)

Project: Digital Dentistry and Intraoral Camera

BS: ​New Jersey Institute of Technology

Mohammad Ali Reza

Major:  TBA (Pre-Med)

Project: Diabetics in Ophthalmology

and dentistry  

BS: ​Rutgers University

Nareman Nahnooch, BS

Major: Psychology

Project: Dental Devices

BS: Rutgers University

Luke Jia, BS

Major: Pharmacology

Project: Innovation in Oral Devices

BS: University of California, Santa Barbara


Pre-doctoral Students:

​Jessica Eid, BS ( Postgradute student)

Dental Students:

Kimia Raimi  ( Dental Student )

Steven Lebowitz, BS ( Dental Student )

​Mona Momeni Moghadam, DDS( Dental Student )

​​Onyeka Oguagha, BS ( Dental Student )


Amir Reza Moayer (Periodontist)

Elahe Behrouz (Prosthodontist, Canada )

Zeynab Azizi‬ (‪Radiology, Iran)

Mansor Malekzadeh ( Dentist)

Zahra Nematolahi ( Dentist)

Maryam Atashi ( Dentist)

Maryam Maleki ( Dentist)

Reza Neghahdar (Ophthalmologist)

Beni Mohammadi (Ophthalmologist)

Amir Pasha Mahmudzadeh ( Data Engineering)

Kaveh Mosavi ( Dentist)

Amir Ali Ghododsi ( Dentist)

Houtan Zand ( Dentist)

Shabnam Maleki ( Dentist)

Iman Barati ( Dentist)

Sonya Dadfar ( Dentist)

Samad Rezaie ( Dentist)

Amir Ahadi ( Dentist)

Samaneh Danesh ( Dentist)

Kasra Karamifar (Endodontist, Iran)