Rustic look!! Never out of fashion

Everyone has their own style preferences but rustic look is usually everyone’s favourite because of its natural look. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or the living room, there is no area in the house in which rustic look looks less suitable or charming. The texture and the organic warmth that it radiates because of its simple and earthy tones is breath-taking. Rustic also give a very cosy feeling when someone walks into a room with all the rustic décor. If you are looking for some ideas to achieve rustic look, you have come to the right place.

Colour palette

If the prime focus is on the rustic style while decorating a house then all colours that embody the earthy feelings should be under consideration. The colours should fall in the category of tan, grey, cream, and hues of brown. One way to achieve this goal successfully is to choose a neutral for walls and floor and then highlight the look with furniture, pillows rugs and wall décor. A healthy combination of the earthy tones will the basis of a perfect rustic home décor.


Wood is the most natural way of giving the house a rustic look. The rustic style usually focuses on more and more wood in the house. This can be accomplished by furniture. Furniture like old coffee tables and raw wood poster bed can aid the rustic look by folds. Classic wood floors and wood panelled walls and ceilings can also give a great rustic look.

Faux wood panels

One easy and simple way to achieve a charming rustic look of wood is by using faux wood panels. These panels are DIY and they are very easy to install. They don’t require any wood glue and special cutting equipment. The DIY faux walls are all about cut and paste and they give a very natural look of original wood. In contrast original wood requires effort and piles of money.


To provide varying visual effects, adding texture is the perfect way. Texture can be added by using different materials and the way in which they are arranged in the room. The difference in the texture from room to room is pleasing and has a sound effect on the overall styling of the house. Adding variations in a room can differentiate the rustic style from the monochromatic vibes of the modern style.


Floors are the crux of all types of styling. It is of prime importance to choose a proper material for the designing of the floor. Each type of flooring gives a different look to the house. If tiles are installed in the house it gives the house a Mediterranean or a beachy look. The carpets give the house more classic feelings. To achieve the rustic style wood or stone are the best options. To avoid the loud texture, furniture and rugs along with the wall décor can help.


Once the colour palette is selected and the flooring is done finally accessories will help in to achieve the maximum rustic look. Along with all other ideas, using plants is a cool option. Even if the plants are not real, they will still give a bright earthy look to the inside of the house. Green colour has a very pleasant effect on the mind and body. Bringing the outside to the inside creates a fresh rustic feeling. Antiques can also help in bringing the rustic look. Ladders, window frames and old clocks are a fun way to complete the rustic look of the house. Patchwork quilts and vases can also be used.