Ilarion Tomashevsky

Ilarion Pavlovich Tomashevsky (1909–1970)

Иларион Павлович Томашевский (1909–1970). Русский текст – внизу страницы

Born on April 9, 1909, in Vladivostok, Russia; died in 1970 in Krasnoyarsk, USSR.

Ilarion Tomashevsky was one of two sons of the Shanghai architect P. A. Tomashevsky, who killed himself in 1929. At that time 20-year-old Ilarion was already working as an architect at the largest local firm Palmer & Turner. He stayed with the firm until at least 1941.

In 1935, together with other Russian artists and poets, Tomashevsky started funding and publishing the literary magazine Phoenix, which lasted for 7 months.

Tomashevsky was a passionate promoter of "midget apartments" – small apartment houses – and he created at least five of them in the French Concession around the years 1939–1942; he also built his own house on Route Magniny. At least one of these building – Delastre Apartments – was a collaboration with V. N. Dronnikoff. The general contractors for most Tomashevsky's buildings was the firm of A. V. Kooklin.

Tomashevsky lived in Shanghai until at least 1948, and then repatriated to the USSR and settled in Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia. He continued working as an architect, joining the Soviet Architects' Union in 1953. He created a number of industrial and transport-related buildings in the towns around the region (Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Chernogorsk and Cheliabinsk).

Delastre Apartments, route delastre


Delastre Tenement, route Delastre


Residence, Route Ferguson

by 1941

Georgette Apartments, Route Boissezon


two-family residence, Rue magniny

c. 1940

three-story Apartment house, route Vallon


Apartments, route Pere Huc


Delastre Apartments on Taiyuan Road. Andrew Field
Delastre Tenement (right) next to King Apartments (left), on the corner of West Jianguo Road and Taiyuan Road. Cities in old days
Georgette Apartments, 32 West Fuxing Road. F Thomas
"The Russian row" on Yongfu Road 永福路 in the west French Concession. Left to right: No. 72 designed by I. Tomashevsky, No. 70 by A. Kooklin, No. 68 by N. Emanoff. rabbit_3922

List of known works by I. P. Tomashevsky

  • Delastre Apartments 太原公寓, 238 Route Delastre (1939), now 238 Taiyuan Road 太原路238号
  • Delastre Tenement, 228 Route Delastre (1941), now 228 Taiyuan Road 太原路228号
  • Apartments, 72 Route Pere Huc (1942), now 72 Yongfu Road 永福路72弄
  • Villa, Route Ferguson (c. 1941) – exact location to be confirmed
  • Two-family residence, 103–105 Rue Magniny (c. 1940), now 103 and 105 Kangping Road 康平路103号,105号
  • Three-story commercial and residential building, Route Vallon (1942), near Avenue du Roi Albert – location to be confirmed
  • Georgette Apartments 麦琪公寓, Route Boissezon (1941), now 32 West Fuxing Road 复兴西路32号

Иларион Павлович Томашевский (1909–1970) – нажмите, чтобы прочитать

Родился во Владивостоке 9 апреля 1909 года; умер предположительно в Красноярске в 1970 году. Сын архитектора П. А. Томашевского, который покончил с собой в 1929 году, когда сын уже работал архитектором.

В 1935 году спонсировал создание литературного журнала "Феникс", который выходил семь месяцев. В 1937–1941 годах служил архитектором в крупнейшей шанхайской фирме "Palmer & Turner," где сотрудничал с В. Н. Дронниковым; по крайней мере одно здание совместной работы сохранилось (238 Route Delastre). Выстроил ряд частных особняков и небольших многоквартирных домов во Французской концессии; генеральным подрядчиком, как правило, была фирма А. В. Куклина.

Прожив в Шанхае вплоть до 1948 года, Томашевский репатриировался в Советский Союз и обосновался в Красноярске, где продолжил работать архитектором и вступил в Союз архитекторов СССР в 1953 году. Он создал ряд промышленных и транспортных зданий в Красноярске, Абакане, Черногорске и Челябинске.


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