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This is a list of Internet resources for Russian learners. I have been collecting these for years now on other pages and in my browser bookmarks. It is time this list had a proper home.

NOTE: on 8 November 2018 these pages were moved to a new site. No further updates will be made here.

Other Russian Resource Lists


  • Duolingo--language drills in many languages including Russian
  • for a complete introductory course including textbook, exercises, language generators, flashcards
  • Russificate Blog--Blog with exercises, readings with audio, tests, etc. Blog is in Russian.
  • Explore Russian--Short articles and videos about learning Russian on the street

Online Dictionaries

  • Мультитран--Collaborative Russian-English English-Russian dictionary, particularly useful for translating obscure terms. Knowledge of the target language is required to evaluate the suggestions given.
  • Reverso Context--Enter a word or phrase and see how it has been translated in the context of real documents.
  • Morphological Dictionary--Enter a word in any form, see all the forms. Site is in Russian. No stress marks.

Grammar Articles