About Us

What is school counseling?

School counseling addresses the social-emotional, academic, and career needs of ALL students through a comprehensive program. At minimum, a comprehensive program consists of: classroom, individual, and group counseling.

At Rush, school counselors run groups, conduct classroom lessons, meet with individual students, lead conflict resolutions, connect families to resources, address anti-bullying, collaborate with school stuff, and much more. Rush's full time counselor, Ms. Steffey, is also the anti-bullying specialist and in charge of I&RS (Intervention & Referral Services) and 504 plans. Mrs. Forcier, Rush & New Albany's part-time counselor, oversees the delivery of the district-wide Choose Love curriculum within both of her schools.

For more information on the role of school counselors, you can visit ASCA's (American School Counseling Association) website here.

About the counselors

Ms. Steffey

This is Ms. Steffey's 7th year as a school counselor and 2nd year at Rush. She previously spent 3 years at an elementary school in North Carolina and 2 years at a charter school in North Philadelphia. She is passionate about mental health and the acquisition of social-emotional skills. When she's not at school, you can find her spending time with her loved ones, baking, reading, hiking, or traveling.

Mrs. Forcier

This is Mrs. Forcier's 2nd year as a school counselor. She splits her time between Rush and New Albany.