Super Snack

After School Meals


After School Meals 9/2-9/6

After School Meals 9/9-9/13

After School Meals 9/16-9/20

After School Meals 9/23-9-27



Each WEEK will have tabs "Monday Served", "Tuesday Served", "Wednesday Served", etc. for you to enter your number SERVED FOR THE DAY.

(This number will include ALL meals served)

Super Snack

You can enter your numbers by clicking on one of the Google Sheets above.

1. Click on the Week you are adding MEALS SERVED to.

2. Click on the Day you want to enter number of MEALS SERVED.

3. Enter number of MEALS SERVED into the column next to your site's name; THEN tell us how many for the next days' service please

4. Close Sheet. (Google Sheets saves entries automatically)


Example: For August 16, 2018 at Mckinley Elementary School

1. Click on "SuperSnack 8/13- 8/17" on this webpage

2. Click on sheet at the bottom labeled "ThursdayServed" (August 16th is on Thursday)

3. Find your site - Mckinley

4. Enter your number served in the column; in the next column, labeled # of students enrolled put number of students enrolled in program. In the next column put your initials. In the next column you are allowed to add any comments you'd like to connect with us on.

5. Click on the sheet on the bottom labeled "ThurOrder"

6. Find your site-Mckinley

7. In the column "sent" put the number or snacks you received for service that day. In the column "Order for ND" (Order for Next Day) please put the number of snacks you'd like to receive the next day.

8. CLOSE the Google Sheet. You do not need to Save (Google automatically saves all changes)

A) Super Snack Details and Paperwork

1. Please contact the Central Kitchen (CK) to notify us of upcoming events which will cause increase/decrease in number of snacks needed:

2. The School site Cafeteria Kitchen Lead or Cafeteria Managers are responsible to order the milk.

3. Complete Super Snacks will be delivered to the school site on the day of service from the Central Kitchen.

4. Continue to send your rosters to our CNS office as we have been doing.

B) Directions for Site Coordinator/After School Program Staff for Super Snacks:

1. After School Program Designated Staff will distribute one Super Snack UNIT per student.

3. Super Snack must be served as a UNIT. All menu items must be served together as a unit.

1 unit = qualifies as 1 Reimbursable Super Snack when served to 1 student.

4. Please note: Total number of meals served should not exceed the number of students enrolled. Super Snacks are to be eaten by students ONLY. Snacks are not provided for staff.

*Please do not provide the students with another super snack, 1 snack per student*

5. Left over Super Snacks will be returned to our central kitchen