Creative Ways To Incorporate Tropical Print, Hot Off The Runway To Living Rooms

The endless discussion of whether art imitates life can be expressed via interior design decorating trends. Fashion imitates art, interior decorating imitates fashion. Decorating serves many needs, whether enhancing furniture and elements of a chosen area or adding to the theme of a room while also coordinating with surrounding areas. The tropical theme is popping up in homes across the country and has taken the world by storm.

A common inspiration to decorators is fashion runway shows. This year tropical prints strutted down global runways stirring the imaginations of interior decorators, designers and home decorating bloggers alike. Fashion show runways with models unveiling summer season fashions have been flush with colorful and inventive tropical-themed print.

If interested in incorporating island style tropical print, get inspired with the following ideas:

Wallpaper: Liven up common areas with tropical-themed print, start with a small area first, apply the removable wallpaper type which peels off and does not leave behind damaging residue. Try a favorite tropical print in a non-traditional area like the kitchen backsplash. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean and compliments other tropic-themed accessories like kitchen paper towel holders and glassware.

Wall Mural: If an entire tropical room is too much, consider a wall mural as the sole tropical theme influence. A wall mural composed of saw palmetto canvas print trio in shades of green, amber, and yellow can highlight wall space above the fireplace.

Plants: Choose non-traditional plants with origins based in tropical climate regions. Popular species include palms, bird of paradise and bamboo. The rubber tree has a reputation for indoor hardiness and is a popular potted plant species for tropical ambiance purposes.

Garden Theme: Elements inspired by outdoor gardening such as lattice patterns can be used to spread outdoor vibes. A green lattice print on white canvas fabric brings springtime freshness inside and serves as an understated way to incorporate the tropical trend.

Pop of color: If not fully invested with the idea of leaf print or brightly colored fruit, recreate the natural shade of nature’s greenery with a focal wall. Paint an entire wall or section solid green, choose a complimentary shade of green that exudes vivaciousness like lime, preferably around the portion in which faux stone panels would be installed.

Black, gray and white: The simplest and fastest way to bring the tropical jungle to inner atmospheres is the addition of tropical theme or printed accessories, from glasses and placemats to pillowcases and rugs. Tropical prints take a contemporary spin when presented in black, white and gray.

Upholstery: A chaise lounge in rich green leather screams tropical elegance, consider a deep emerald headboard for the ultimate way to express lush jungle sophistication.

Tropical Space: Coordinate high social and traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms with a main focal point and theme such as a full-size photo mural jungle wall complete with accent accessories and tropical-themed furniture.

Minimalistic Tropical: Embrace a subtle and minimalistic approach to the tropical theme, decorate the room to exude oasis without using bold prints. Enhance a neutral tone living room by adding plants and chartreuse color fabrics. Pillows and curtains in a chartreuse tone give living spaces modern energy while complimenting neutral palettes and highlighting the green in live potted plants.