As a partner to A Running Start - Health, we want to provide you with as much support as possible. Please find below resources to help your organization carry out the commitments you've made. Feel free to download, print, or order materials to share with your clients or partners.

The materials on this page are organized by intervention type and include information for service providers as well as community members. Materials are currently available for:

  • Safe Sleep Campaign
  • Breastfeeding Promotion
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Identification & Treatment of Maternal Mental Health/Substance Use Problems
  • Early Intervention for Infants/Toddlers With or At Risk for Developmental Delays
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Identification & Remediation of Home Hazards
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity In Childcare

Additional materials are being developed and will be posted here once finalized.

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Safe Sleep Campaign

In September 2017, the City launched a safe sleep campaign to address the risk of co-sleeping. Visit to learn more.

These materials are also available on our order form.

Safe Sleep Postcard v1:

Postcard 1.pdf

Safe Sleep Postcard v2:

Postcard 2.pdf

Safe Sleep Provider Card:

Provider Card.pdf

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Breastfeeding Promotion

One of the best things a mother can do for her newborn is breastfeed. It is not always easy, however. With the proper knowledge and resources, providers can serve a crucial role in helping mothers raise a healthy child through breastfeeding.

Is your childcare program interested in becoming more breastfeeding friendly? No cost staff workshops are available to help!


Are you a provider interested in supporting new mothers in breastfeedindg? Enroll in an interdisciplinary breastfeeding management course!

2018 Flyer 20-Hour Course.pdf

Working with expectant mothers? Use a checklist to help soon to be moms prepare to breastfeed and care for their newborn.


Know someone who needs breastfeeding help? Philadelphia health center offer free help!

FREE Breastfeeding Help_1_18.pdf

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Homelessness Prevention & Diversion

In 2018, the City and nonprofit partners launched the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Project to keep families and individuals in their homes. More inforamtion and resources are available at

Need Legal Help for Your Landlord Tenant Problem
Eviction Collaboration.pdf

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Maternal Mental Health/Substance Use Problems

The City and our partners have worked together to raise awareness of mental health and substance use issues and provide access to services. We've included below resources on perinatal and post-partum depression, as well as a list of Community Behavioral Health (CBH) contracted providers for families enrolled in Medicaid.

Community Behavioral Health has resources available to help mothers with mental health and substance use issues. Call Member Services at 1-888-545-2600 and request to speak with a maternal mental health expert.

Postpartum Depression Video

This video was created by the organizations participating in the Philadelphia Community Action Network (Phila CAN), a collective impact project. If you would like more information about getting involved in the Phila CAN, or are interested in getting this video to show in your office, please contact Samantha Shuster at

More resources for mothers, families and supports are also available on the Postpartum Depression Philly website at

Perinatal Depression Resource Guide:

Perinatal Depression Resource Guide- eDoc DRAFT.pdf

List of all CBH Providers in Philadelphia:


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Early Intervention for Infants/Toddlers With or At Risk for Developmental Delays

Philadelphia's Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program serves children from birth to age three with developmental delays. These services are free for the family and can be delivered in the home, community or at the child's day care. Below is a brochure with information on how organizations can refer to refer to Early Intervention, brochures with information for families that have been referred to Early Intervention and fact sheets on what the program is.

Infant Toddler Early Intervention Referral Brochure (for providers):

EI referrral- feb 5 15 update- 33851_EI_Broch.pdf

Brochure for Families Referred to Early Intervention:

Spanish translation also available.

Early Intervention Brochure City Seal - final.pdf

Information Sheet on Infant Toddler Early Intervention:

Spanish translation also available.

1776 days-FINAL-lowRes.pdf

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Early Childhood Education

High-quality early childhood education is a critical component of a improving children's health. A Running Start - Health, in partnership with A Running Start - Early Learning, seeks to enroll more children in high quality programs. Not sure what makes a program "high quality"? Need help determining eligibility for financial assistance? Check out the resources below!

Parents and caregivers want the best for their children. But how do you know what makes a great early childhood education program? Check out these seven simple elements of quality!

03.18 Seven Elements of Quality.pdf

Want to find great child care but not sure how to afford it? This guide provides an overview of affordable programs within Philadelphia and how to know whether your child is eligible.

03.27.18 Choose Great Child Care.pdf

Do you know the effects of high-quality early education on health? This one pager explains that along with options in Philadelphia for high-quality early education!

03.18 Health and ECE_FINAL AC.PDF

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Home Hazards Remediation

As part of the City's work to reduce hazards inside the home, the health department is raising awareness about lead safety certification requirements and how to prevent lead exposure among young children. The palm card below is coordinated with the health department's summer 2017 media campaign on lead poisoning prevention.

These materials are also available on our order form.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Palm Card:

Lead Palm Card.pdf

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Nutrition and Physical Activity

Philadelphia's Board of Health recently made recommendations to help improve nutrition and promote physical activity in early childhood settings. To learn more about these recommendations for healthy nutrition and physical activity in early childhood, visit the resources page at

These materials are also available on our order form.

Resource Guide on Recommendations:

Board of Health Recs.pdf

The Board of Health's recommendations for childcare providers are summarized in this resource guide, which also includes information to help early childhood education providers and caregivers meet those goals.

Information for parents and caregivers on the Board of Health recommendations:

Parents and caregivers.pdf

Information for childcare providers on the Board of Health recommendations:

Early Childhood Education Childcare Providers.pdf

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