Thank you Cambridge & Coleridge for funding host training and safety gear

Run For Your Life is hugely thankful to the Cambridge & Coleridge Athletics Club Trust for supporting us with funding to train more hosts and buy safety equipment for our hosts and members.

9th March 2018

Cambridge & Coleridge Athletics Club is one of the largest athletics clubs in the UK and a trailblazer in many disciplines. It has a huge membership catering for any level of runner or field athlete and is as good at welcoming brand new runners as it is at winning national medals.

The club runs a trust fund to encourage runners and athletes by funding equipment amongst other things through grants. Run For Your Life is very delighted to be the recipient of funding in 2018.

In no small part, these funds are raised by entry fees for the Cambourne 10k - one of the best 10k races in Cambridgeshire and held in April each year. Sign up highly recommended :-)

We offer our thanks to C&C and its members, especially those who volunteer at the Cambourne 10k and all the other amazing events and training sessions that make grants of this kind possible.

The funding will allow us to:

  • train new hosts (and therefore open new runs)
  • provide each run with a safety rucksack containing first aid kits, space blankets and energy bars
  • carry a small stock of high viz vests for new members who don't own this kind of kit yet

Our huge thanks to C&CAC trust and all the C&C members! Come and join us any time for a run... or encourage a non-running friend to get into running for the first time.