Department of Mathematics

Stony Brook University

Email: ruijie DOT yang AT stonybrook DOT edu

Office: Math Tower 2-114

I'm a Ph.D. student at Stony Brook working with Robert Lazarsfeld and Christian Schnell. I will be graduating this year and starting a postdoc in the fall.

I am interested in complex algebraic geometry, especially Hodge theory and applications of mixed Hodge modules.

Here is my CV.

Papers and preprints

6. Decomposition theorem for semisimple local systems [preliminary version]

with Chuanhao Wei.

5. L^2 minimal extensions over Hermitian symmetric domains [arxiv]


4. Hodge modules and singular Hermitian metrics [arxiv]

with Christian Schnell, submitted.

3. Nodal elliptic curves on K3 surfaces [arxiv]

with Nathan Chen and François Greer, submitted.

2. On irrationalities of hypersurfaces in P^{n+1} [arxiv]

Proceedings of AMS (2019).

1. Nef cones of nested Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces [arxiv]

with Tim Ryan, International Mathematical Research Notices (2018).


I am teaching MAT 303 R21 and R22 this semester.