Redondo Union Football

Welcome to Sea Hawk Football!

Our Sea Hawk Football Creed

What "B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S." means to us….

We Buy in and believe in what we can achieve, and how we will accomplish it together by always putting the TEAM FIRST;

We fight to get Reps on and off the field, because PRACTICE IS EVERYTHING;

We Own our actions and will autograph our performances, knowing we are what we do, offering NO EXCUSES;

We will Take leadership roles and set the standard for effort every day;

We Hustle all over the field and move with a sense of purpose;

We bring our Enthusiasm and passion to everything we do;

We are Resilient in dealing with adversity and work to overcome challenges placed in front of us;

We have a Sense of urgency in our pursuit of excellence, all the while maintaining our steadfast Support of our BROTHERS.