Start Measuring.

Learn how to capture data, generate statistics and present analysis to coaches and players using nothing but a pen, paper and free Google tools!

With pen, paper and Google.

No video camera's or complicating software needed.

Know the facts.

Provide your coaches with accurate information about your teams.

Get involved in the game.

Rugby is not just for those on the field. Get involved in an exciting new way!

Course lay-out:

Depending on your time and speed of learning, you should be able to start coding your own games within 2 days from starting the course!

Module 1 - The basics

> What is data analysis?

> Using a pen and paper scorecard to capture data.

Module 2 - Data entry

> Using Google sheets to track your games

> Generating and sharing match reports

Module 3 - Analyzing data

> How to troubleshoot your match reports

> Notable formulas to calculate statistics

"Rugbycology is a way to learn the game from a refreshing new angle. I would advise all young coaches to enroll in the course!"

Brendon Shields

Rugby analyst and performance consultant

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