Rudi Fielitz – Cosmic Compositions

Rudi Fielitz’ art is powerful work. The artist is quite at one with his creations. Throughout his process he identifies completely with his work. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is created with purpose. Every complete piece is the result of artistic will. Rudi Fielitz expresses his personal and artistic energy with immediacy. Furthermore: he uses this energy as a core theme in his art. For this he has found an exceptional subject – space. In his “Cosmic Compositions” he turns pure energy into artistic expression.

Science defines space as the entirety of space, time, all material, and energy. Suns, planets, and moons developed from the Big Bang. These in turn are tiny parts of the galaxies that in becoming, being, and passing make up the universe. Today astronomy penetrates to the farthest depths of space and delivers impressive images of it. It is these pictures that capture Rudi Fielitz and inspire his “Cosmic Compositions”.

The “Cosmic Compositions” are free paintings. They combine color, structure, and light, which Rudi Fielitz combines into representations of the universe. His motifs guide the eye from a planet in the night sky. They show comets on their path through space or in their destructive collisions with other celestial bodies. They show the most distant of galaxies.

Art is always a process for Rudi Fielitz. He often works on a piece repeatedly over weeks or months, developing it gradually. He works on it until all the details are completed to his satisfaction. The canvas is white and blistered. This base creates a third dimension in relief from the start, which contributes to the final composition. On this surface, Rudi Fielitz combines colors in many layers and structures. He uses many different tools, such as brushes, spatulas, or sponges for the application of color. He likes to work into the drying materials from the previous phases of work.

The “Cosmic Compositions” are carried by their impressive colorfulness – due to complementary red-green and blue-orange contrasts, which are completed with white and black. The luminousness of the colors is further emphasized with additional pigments and occasionally with a metallic shine. Rudi Fielitz masters the use of colors. Despite their luminous colorfulness, his pictures are always harmonious, never overpowering.

The “Cosmic Compositions” by Rudi Fielitz capture the viewer with their artistic power. As humans stand fascinated and – considering their own smallness – humbled before the infinity of the universe.

Jutta Dresch