Rudd lab

@ Cornell University

News of 2018:

August 2018- Cybelle won Best Poster at the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Symposium and Kristel was selected to give an oral presentation. They're always making us look good!

August 2018- Cybelle has changed her email signature to "Cybelle Tabilas, Ph.D. candidate"!

June 2018- A Cell preview was written about our newest story!

June 2018- Cornell Chronicle wrote a story about our newest publication in Cell! Read it here!

June 2018- Congratulations to our very own Smith et. al for our most recent publication in Cell! Smith et al., Developmental Origin Governs CD8+ T Cell Fate Decisions during Infection, Cell (2018), https://

March 2018- Cornell Research wrote a feature entitled Towards Stronger Immunity in Infants about the most recent NIH award the Rudd lab received. Read it here!

February 2018- The Rudd lab is here to stay. Congratulations to Brian who has been awarded tenure!

News of 2017:

October 2017- The Rudd lab is proud to announce Dr. Jocelyn Wang! Congratulations on a fantastic graduate research and Ph.D. defense! We'll miss you.

September 2017- Kristel the graduate student is now Kristel the Ph.D. candidate! Look out world, here comes future Kristel Yee Mon, Ph.D.!

August 2017- Cybelle's poster got voted Fan Favorite at the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Symposium!

June 2017- Science@CornellVet features Norah Smith's work on their blog.

May 2017- Rudd lab welcomes Cybelle Tabilas as the newest graduate student.

2017- Brian was awarded the Robert Hovey Udall Assistant Professorship!

2017- The Rudd lab opened for business in 2011 and six years later, we decided it was time to launch a website!