An American Christian's Duty to Form Government

American Christian's Governmental Duty

Because Americans elect our leaders, it is our duty to vote for representatives that follow the Constitution. God states through Paul:

Romans 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

In America the foremost governing authority is the US Constitution. Our elected representatives are subject to the Constitution's clauses as are we. Presidents, Senators, Representatives and Judges swear to uphold the Constitution. (These oaths are listed in Chapter 12: The US Constitution). State leaders and representative also swear to uphold the national Constitution. Any leader that does not follow the Constitution breaks his oath and departs from God's Will.

In America, the citizens elect the representatives that govern. So applying this with Romans 13, it can be seen that Christians have a dual responsibility. Follow the governments authority, while participating in the elections that choose those that exercise the authority. No matter how “dirty” or unappealing a Christian may find the political process, it is their duty to participate.

The Constitution was written by God-fearing men. Voting for representatives that follow the Constitution is following God's Will. Many problems in America today result from our representatives NOT following the Constitution. For example, federal judges ruled that abortion, killing a baby, is a constitutional right. It is NOT (Chapter 15 discusses abortion). At the time of the Roe v Wade abortion ruling, it usurped existing law in all 50 states. Such a changing of the Constitution would require amending it, as was done to abolish slavery.

When a Christian votes for politicians that chose to not follow the Constitution, there are consequences. Aborted babies is one. Banning religious activity in public is another. If the Constitution becomes unimportant, the 1st Amendment religious protections are also unimportant.

Fellow Christians: Vote wisely.