RTANJ Linguistics 4

After skipping three editions due to you know what, we are finally back! The fourth edition of Research Techniques and Approaches: New Journeys in Linguistics (RTANJ Linguistics 4) will take place August 24-27, 2023.

RTANJ Linguistics usually takes place in the Rtanj mountains in Central Serbia. A main theme of the meeting is to formulate challenges to other disciplines to increase the capacity for interdisciplinary research. Our core topics are syntax, semantics and their various interfaces, but other topics are welcome as well, since this is meant to be a general meeting for linguists and people interested in language-related issues. We therefore encourage participants to prepare their talks in a way that they are also accessible to people outside their linguistic (or other) subfield. We are particularly interested in discussing methods in linguistics and furthermore encourage the presentation of work in progress and crazy or bold ideas that might not get discussed at other conferences and workshops.

The general format is such that we will have talks with ample time for discussion (aiming at 40+20 minutes, or rather a 60-minute mix of talk and discussion) in the morning and evening, and that during the day there will be time to discuss ideas in a less formal setting, possibly also while hiking in the mountains. Furthermore, the general idea is that people with funding pay more than people without funding, so that the former partially fund the latter, but even then the overall expenses will remain relatively modest for all.