Malware Removal

Malware on your computer can result in the following:

  • slow performance,
  • unusual pop up windows,
  • change in your browser,
  • loss of internet
  • computer will not boot

RS Technology Resources can evaluate your computer's situation and perform the necessary actions to return your system to normal.

Malware removal charges are based in the initial assessment of your computer, and vary depending on the severity of the problem.

Malware Removal Charges:

  • Basic malware removal - $75 (does not include reinstalling programs, lost files or Windows OS)
  • Detailed Malware Removal - $ 200 (includes wiping hard drive, reinstalling Windows OS and any programs the owner can provide installation disks/source. NOTE: any personal data, files, images, music, videos, etc. will be lost. This data* can be backed up prior to wiping hard drive for an additional $70 charge).

* Data backup will recover personal documents, images, videos, music, bookmarks, and downloaded files. Data backup will NOT recover passwords, installed programs, or Windows OS settings.