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It’s tech security PSA time. A recent story in The New York Times provided fascinating insight into the ongoing evolution and expansion of fake tech support scams. The “classic” routine, where a window pops onto your computer screen offering technical support for a “virus” or other urgent problem you didn’t know about, has not only stayed in circulation—it’s a growth industry.

So, for anyone out there who may be concerned about a pop-up window, chat box, or even a phone call you recently received from someone claiming that your computer has been compromised, take a deep breath and repeat after me.

“Relax. This is a scam. Nothing is wrong with my computer. Customer Support never calls unless you call them first.”

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Chromebooks are continuing to mature into a force to be reckoned with. Offering a simple and stripped-down experience, Google's Chrome OS is extremely easy to use (if you can use a browser, you're good), and it comes inside several affordable laptops that cost as little as $179.

However, Microsoft isn't taking this threat lightly, continuing to update Windows 10 with new tricks, revolving around an ever-improving Start menu and the helpful Cortana assistant. So, which computing platform is truly the best? To answer that question, we put both Windows and Chrome OS to the test and compared them in 12 rounds of head-to-head competition.

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