Women in Robotics WORKSHOP III

Robotics: SCience & Systems - JULY 15, 2017

Welcome to the webpage of the third Women in Robotics Workshop at Robotics: Science and Systems 2017!


Robotics is undergoing tremendous growth in recent years, over a wide range of important areas, from transportation, to manufacturing, service, entertainment, space exploration, healthcare, and education. While the field is progressing forward, both in academia and industry, the percentage of roboticists from groups traditionally underrepresented in engineering and computer science (for example women and minorities) continues to lag far behind their counterparts. The third Women in Robotics Workshop is focused mainly on the gender gap. This workshop is a mixed-audience, women-only speakers workshop that aims to: (1) raise visibility of women in robotics, (2) strengthen the community and provide an opportunity for networking, (3) foster mentorship of junior female researchers, and ultimately (4) increase the number of women in robotics to close the gender gap. The workshop features two panels on academic career paths and robotics entrepreneurship, keynote talks by women who are leaders in their field, invited talks by early career academics, and poster presentations by junior researchers.


This full-day workshop will include keynote and invited talks, panel discussions, and a poster session. The two panel discussion topics are:

  • Academic career paths: advice and experiences in applying, interviewing and negotiating for faculty positions.
  • Robotics entrepreneurship: advice and experiences in converting research projects into products, starting a company, recruiting a team, raising money, and successful exit strategies.

The workshop will end with a poster session followed by a dinner, which will provide networking opportunities for junior female researchers.



Radhika Nagpal, Harvard University -- The Pursuit of Collective Intelligence

Invited Early Career Talks

Maartje de Graaf, Brown University -- Users’ Acceptance of and Social Responses to Robots

Stefanie Mueller, MIT -- Interactive Fabrication

Franziska Meier, Max Planck Institute -- Learning to Execute and Modulate Motion Plans

Kirstin Petersen, Cornell University -- Designing Robot Collectives

Henny Admoni, CMU -- Recognizing Human Intent for Assistive Robotics

Dorsa Sadigh, UC Berkeley -- Towards a Theory of Safe and Interactive Autonomy

Chinwe Ekenna, University of Albany -- Adaptive Planning for Robot Heterogeneous Spaces

Academic Career Panel

Anca Dragan, UC Berkeley

Sonia Chernova, Georgia Tech

Marynel Vazquez, Yale University

Laurel Riek, UC San Diego

Holly Yanco, UMass Lowell

Entrepreneurship Panel

Vivian Chu, Georgia Tech & Diligent Droids

Haewon Park, MIT & Zyrobotics

Kaijen Hsiao, Mayfield Robotics

Sarah Osentoski, Mayfield Robotics


Maya Cakmak, University of Washington

Jeannette Bohg, Max Planckt Institute & Stanford University

Hadas Kress-Gazit, Cornell University

Elizabeth Phillips, Brown University



To attend the R:SS 2017 Women in Robotics Workshop you can register for the R:SS "Conference + Workshops" or "Workshops only" at the following link:


R:SS is committed to increasing the participation of groups traditionally underrepresented in robotics. Undergraduate students who would like to attend the conference and/or workshops and who identify as belonging to an underrepresented group are encouraged to contact the organizer at rss2017women@gmail.com to receive a special registration rate.