Research Seminar Program - UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics

The Research Seminar Program is organized by the students of the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics, and it is thought as an opportunity for them to present their research, as well as communicating in mathematics, bringing the students closer and informing them about each other's work.

During the academic year, the students meet from time to time, to give and/or to listen to talks about their current work and/or related topics. Visitors from other universities, PhD students or Postdoctoral researchers, are welcome to join us.

The venue of the seminar interchanges between the Departments of Mathematics of the University of Coimbra and University of Porto.

The purpose of this page is to keep record on the seminars and also to divulge the next ones, as well as what has been done by the students of the program.

For any further information on the RSP Seminar, please contact the current organizers: Daniela Jordão (CMUC) -, and Rúben Sousa (CMUP) -