Ryukoku Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei

Building on Sensei Toma's martial arts legacy through dedication and discipline

Our Organization

This is an international body of the Okinawa Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei (OSKKR), created after the passing of Okinawa Seidokan's founder, Shian Toma. It is modeled after Master Toma's original organization, the Zen Okinawa Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei (ZOSKKR). At the request of Master Toma's family, ZOSKKR was officially retired on September 26, 2013. We are the headquarters, here in Okinawa, in the service to all of Shian Toma's karate descendants who actively train, preserve, and propagate the art of Okinawa Seidokan Karate world-wide. Through the efforts of many OSKKR (former ZOSKKR) Senior Leaders, Okinawa Seidokan is practiced in many countries. 

The goal of this federation is to maintain high standards throughout all OSKKR and RSKKR dojos, propagate Okinawa Seidokan internationally, and improve individual lives and communities though our martial arts way.

The Honbu manages the administrative recognition and certification of both OSKKR and RSKKR members, and sponsors international Okinawa Seidokan karate events. Stay strong,

Ron Nix

9th Degree Black Belt

President, OSKKR

President, RSKKR

Shian Toma

Okinawa Seidokan's Founder

Shigemitsu Tamae

Headmaster of Seidokan Karate

RSKKR Special Advisor

Ron Nix

RSKKR President

Akemi Nix

RSKKR Vice President