40 years of

Replica Symmetry Breaking

A conference about systems with many states

10-13 September 2019 - Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Since its formulation, replica symmetry breaking (RSB) has grown from an abstract construction to a source of deep physical and mathematical insights. Due to its complex structure, it took some time for its early developers to fully understand its physical meaning, but the community is now flourishing and its ideas are embraced in fields ranging from chemistry to computer science. In particular, it is now well understood that RSB encodes the rich structure of the (free) energy landscape, which is very rough and full of hierarchically organized minima. This complex structure has profound consequences on the dynamics of systems ranging from glasses to neural networks to ecological communities.

On the 40th anniversary of its first application, this workshop brings together researchers who develop, refine and apply RSB from a broad cross-section of the theoretical community.

Because disordered materials have played a singular role in sharpening the formulation of RSB, a special session celebrating the 30th anniversary of the random first-order transition (RFOT) description will also be embedded in the program.

Photo credits: Maurizio Perciballi

Social dinner at Palazzo Rospigliosi. Photo credits: Scott Kirkpatrick

Photo credits: Silvio Franz & Scott Kirkpatrick

Photo credits: Maurizio Perciballi

Scientific committee

Patrick Charbonneau

Enzo Marinari

Giorgio Parisi

Federico Ricci-Tersenghi

Francesco Zamponi

Local organizing committee

Giacomo Gradenigo

Gabriele Sicuro

Scientific secretariat

Fernanda Lupinacci

Invited speakers

Boris Altshuler

Maria Chiara Angelini

Antonio Auffinger

Jean Barbier

Ludovic Berthier

Giulio Biroli

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Chiara Cammarota

Amin Coja-Oghlan

Leticia Cugliandolo

Bernard Derrida

Daniel Fisher

Silvio Franz

Marylou Gabrié

Surya Ganguli

Véronique Gayrard

Thierry Giamarchi

Francesco Guerra

Yoshiyuki Kabashima

Ted Kirkpatrick

Jorge Kurchan

Luca Leuzzi

Andrea Maiorano

Matteo Marsili

Victor Martin-Mayor

Marc Mézard

Rémi Monasson

Andrea Montanari

Markus Müller

Dmitry Panchenko

Nick Read

Valentina Ros

Juan Ruiz-Lorenzo

Antonello Scardicchio

Guilhem Semerjian

Beatriz Seoane

Eugene Shakhnovich

Nike Sun

Marco Tarzia

Dave Thirumalai

Pierfrancesco Urbani

Martin Weigel

Peter Wolynes

Hajime Yoshino

Peter Young

Lenka Zdeborová

Riccardo Zecchina