How to monitor and analyze RS485 port data?

RS-485 (English Recommended Standard 485), EIA-485 (English Electronic Industries Alliance-485) is a physical layer standard for an asynchronous interface. Name of the standard: ANSI TIA / EIA-485-A: 1998 Electrical Characteristics of Generators and Receivers for Use in Balanced Digital Multipoint Systems. Regulates the electrical parameters of a half-duplex multi-drop differential link of the "common bus" type.

The standard became very popular and became the basis for the creation of a whole family of industrial networks widely used in industrial automation.

The RS-485 standard is jointly developed by two associations: the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Previously, the EIA labeled all its standards with the "RS" prefix (Recommended Standard - English). Many engineers continue to use this designation, but EIA / TIA officially replaced RS with EIA / TIA in order to facilitate the identification of the origin of its standards.

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How to monitor and analyze RS485 communication?

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