The Rocky Run/Warriner Student Exchange Program began in 2003 with an exchange between Stone Middle School in Centreville, Virginia, USA and the Warriner School in Bloxham, United Kingdom, and ran successfully until 2017. The exchange program was introduced to the students, staff, and families at Rocky Run Middle School during the 2019-2020 school year.

The program gives 20-24 students from each school the opportunity to travel abroad, learn about another country, and attend a school very different from their own. Students learn about another culture, travel to new places, and make lasting friendships. This trip is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Travel for students from The Warriner School (UK) to Rocky Run (US) will take place from October 14-22, 2022. Travel for students from Rocky Run (US) to The Warriner School (UK) will take place during the Spring of 2023 (dates to be determined). If you are interested in participating, apply no later than January 17, 2022.

Learn more about The Rocky Run School by visiting their website.

Raising the flag of new friendships

American school life

In front of the Capitol Building

Buses arrive at school in America

How do I apply for this opportunity?

  1. Make a copy, complete, and share the Student Information Sheet, with Mrs. Nicholls at no later than January 17, 2022.

The formal application will become available after the first in-person interest meeting on.

If you have any additional questions, contact Mrs. Nicholls at

Click on the interest brochure to learn more.

Warriner Interest Brochure for 2022 to 23.pdf

Rocky Run/Warriner Exchange Program 2022-2023.
All applications must be submitted no later than
January 17, 2022.