2019 Leadership Retreat

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RRUUC’s Leadership Retreat

26 January 2019


Fellowship Hall

Who’s invited? The whole congregation

Our promise: You will not be asked to sign up for any type of leadership or volunteer role!

Breakfast is included with the retreat; please register separately for the optional lunch session and for free childcare with special activities.

Registration deadline with childcare closes January 18.

Registration deadline without childcare is January 21.

Leadership at River Road has many forms and faces

    • The sleepy parent who shows up to teach 9:15 RE
    • The warm meal prepared with love for a fellow congregant recovering from illness
    • The gifts we donate to the children of Beacon House
    • Board and Committee members tending to practical aspects of congregational well-being: finances, grounds and building, staffing, governance, strategy
    • Congregants bearing witness on our street corner on Friday nights
    • Task Force members advocating for social, racial, and environmental justice
    • Volunteers who bring kindness and care to Celebrations of Life
    • ...and countless more.

Join us to for a congregational conversation about leadership:

    • What does it mean to lead in a spiritual community?
    • How can leadership fulfill and renew us?
    • How do we nurture and sustain leadership at River Road?
    • How do we engage new leaders to step up -- on terms that work for them?
    • How do we prevent leadership fatigue?

When we step up to lead, in both big and small ways, we ensure the vibrancy of our congregation and the sustained impact we can have for each other, our community, and the world.

Please join us if you:

    • want to celebrate the impact our leadership efforts here at RRUUC have in the world.
    • want to understand better your own strengths and leadership potential
    • might be interested in getting more engaged, but you are justifiably afraid of getting sucked into the abyss of too much responsibility.
    • are experiencing leadership exhaustion and seeking an exit strategy.
    • are serving on a committee and feel your group could use some spiritual renewal.
    • want to support and inspire future leaders of our congregation by sharing wisdom and stories about how your leadership here has nourished you.

The first 40 registrants will have the opportunity* to take the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment and work with a skilled facilitator to discover how they can develop their innate talents into strengths. When we work in concert with our strengths, we not only enjoy what we’re doing, we are also more energized and can offer our best work.

*If you have previously taken the assessment, there’s no need to retake it. Results are consistent over time. However, we can provide you with additional personalized reports.

The Retreat will feature three breakout sessions, tailored to different interests:

Go With My Flow: Understanding and Leading from My Strengths

  • Great for: RRUUCers who might be interested in becoming more engaged, but who are (understandably) afraid of getting sucked into the abyss of too much responsibility.
  • We’ll explore and share:
    • What attracts us to leadership at RRUUC?
    • What scares us? (Explore beliefs we hold about leadership at RRUUC.)
    • How might leading in a spiritual setting prepare me to take on bigger leadership roles at work and other areas of my life where I aspire to have impact?
    • How do I find leadership opportunities that fit my abilities and interests?

Leading that Nourishes: Managing Overload

  • Great for:
    • RRUUCers who are experiencing leadership exhaustion and seeking relief or an exit strategy.
    • River Roaders who are serving on a committee and feel your group could use some spiritual renewal and time to reset.
  • We’ll explore and share:
    • What drew us to leadership here in the first place, and how does reality match our original vision?
    • How can leadership be an act that fulfills and renews, rather than depletes?
    • What mindsets do we hold that contribute to leadership/volunteer exhaustion?
    • What practical strategies can we use to avoid fatigue? We’ll explore setting boundaries; saying no; asking for help; voicing needs and wants; growing the reflective capacity of our committees, task forces, and groups
    • How can I align my volunteer/leadership commitments with my strengths, so that my efforts bring me greater satisfaction and impact?
      • Intact committees and groups will get to see a “snapshot” of strengths shared among group members, and be able to identify overlaps and important gaps.

Passing the Torch: Nurturing Leadership at River Road

  • Great for: Seasoned River Road leaders who want to support and nurture current and future leaders of the congregation.
  • We’ll explore and share:
    • Stories of our leadership journeys at River Road and how our experiences have spiritually nourished us.
    • Leadership challenges we’ve faced and overcome, impact we’ve achieved, and successes we’ve had passing the baton to new leaders.
    • When and how do we step back from leadership roles, plan for succession, and support new leader transitions?
    • How can we inspire, attract, and support future leaders of our congregation?
    • What support, resources, or knowledge do we wish we’d had that could make leading easier?

Leadership is easier and more fun when we have someone walking beside us. Please bring a friend, or bring your whole committee, task force, or group and recharge together!