Performing Arts & Culteral Center

River Region Performing Arts & Cultural Center

The Good Hope School was built in the 1930s to provide an education for the children from the small towns of Good Hope, New Sarpy, Norco and Destrehan, Louisiana -- a rural area that prospered on the growing oil industry. Located on a two-lane winding road on the east bank of the Mississippi River, the school eventually was vacated and used as storage for many years.

Today, the community of Good Hope no longer exists, and all the families have moved and surrounding industries have purchased all of the homes. The local school board decided to sell the blighted piece of property on which the school was located. Although offers were made by industry to buy the land and building, the St. Charles Parish School Board decided to save the school and lease it to a local community theater group known as the River Region Drama Guild for the purpose creating a performing arts and cultural center.

The River Region Drama Guild is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that is operated by a fully volunteer Board of Directors. We are proud to be the only community theatre organization in the Parish of St. Charles. We are devoted to creating opportunities for our surrounding community by providing quality, entertaining, educational and affordable programing for all ages.

Despite its size, the old school building stands out among the towering industries that surround it. The center has become a haven for local actors, dancers and performers of all ages, in addition to those who want to enjoy the experience of the arts. Over the past 27 years, out historical venue has played host to over 1,000 performers who have visited this facility for rehearsals as they prepared to take their productions to the big stage. In addition, over 650 children have taken part in our free Winter and Summer Young Actors Workshops. The River Region Drama Guild cast members, crew members and volunteers continue to reflect our unique area – an odd collection of teachers, police officers, office and retail workers, construction and plant workers.

The school that was once a place of learning, now is getting a chance for a new life as the River Region Performing Arts and Cultural Center (RRPAC.) Over the years, the River Region Drama Guild has done extensive renovations restoring this once blighted building into the outstanding venue seen today.