Club Officials


Dale Gemignani -

I joined the Tri-City Flyers in 1981. One of the members, Charlie Brooks, taught me how to fly. 30 years later I rejoined the Rock River Aero Modelers Society in 2011. This time it took two members, Pat Ryder and Don Oberdorf, to teach me how to fly and one member, Al Austin, to teach me how to rebuild after a crash. My favorite plane to fly is my Radian. Longest flight to date is 1 hour 9 minutes and 43 seconds.

Vice President

Randy Myatt -

I’m a relative newcomer to RC flying. I was interested in the hobby as a kid, but couldn’t afford to get into the hobby at that time. About 5 years ago, I bought a small quad rotor and flew/crashed it around the yard until it was nearly worn out. A few months later I joined RRAMS to have a place to fly larger aircraft. I fly mainly electric winged aircraft, but I also like quad rotors and FPV aspects of the hobby.


Larry Nitz -

It seems I have been involved in model building all my life with a couple of life happens breaks. My earliest memories are of building solid wood scale models in the late 40’s or early 50’s. Then came my first rubber powered planes either wind up or catapult launch. I was in a model airplane club in Junior high with control line gas models. Then a long break as I got involved with photography finally getting back to building planes in my late 20’s early 30’s. Over the years I tried R/C and found I had ‘0’ aptitudes for R/C flying. My biggest fear was the plane never getting off the ground so I would put in full up elevator. They always got off the ground and landed in spectacular ground loops. Many years later I have successfully flown R/C in the form of mini Vapors and the Junior version of the Radian. Truth be told they probably could fly themselves. My true love of the hobby lies in building almost more than flying. My favorite being rubber powered models in all their variations. Flying something that you have built from kits or from scratch gives me the greatest satisfaction in this hobby. I joined this club when it was still called the Tri-City Radio Controllers, Inc.. I have been the Sec./Treas. of the club (if I remember correctly) since Dec. of 1999 with the exception of one year when Leon Mosely was the Sec/Treas.