Refuge Recovery Live Action Guide

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist Inspired path to recovery from addiction of all kinds

Refuge Recovery Live is a community of Refuge Recovery members who meet through online meetings

This action guide is a collaborative effort of our members to welcome newcomers and to structure our own practice. We hope it will serve as an entry point for new members and a resource for current members who want to welcome newcomers.

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Guide to get started on the path of refuge recovery. Links concepts of taking refuge & the 8-Fold Path with specific action steps, dharma talks and guided meditations

Makes the connection between the national Refuge Recovery Website and audio talks that help to explore basic concepts such as the 4 Noble Truths and 8 Fold Path

List of topics of Dharma talks and links to talks at Against the Stream. Topics can also be used to search for talks at other Theravada or Insight community sites.

We have found that taking refuge in community is an essential part of our recovery.

Connect with Others

    • Concrete actions that newcomers can take to start to engage with and weave into the Refuge Recovery Community.

Dharma Buddies & Mentors

    • This page includes links to resources for those searching for and for those who would like to serve as dharma buddies and mentors.
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Guide to work with inventories. Index that links inventory questions with relevant Dharma Talks, Readings and Meditations.

Focuses on the Refuge Recovery Site, the Process Addictions Pamphlet and introductory chapters of the book, Refuge Recovery.

Index of Readings, Dharma Talks and meditations that help to expand-on and illuminate teachings as associated with the First Truth Inventory Questions

Index of Readings, Dharma Talks and meditations that help to expand-on and illuminate teachings as associated with the Second Truth Inventory Questions

List of 3rd Truth Inventory questions. Peers are encouraged to step up to engage in the very beneficial practice of searching for their own Dharma Talks and Guided Meditations.

Format for a weekly meeting between Dharma Buddies or with a Mentor & Mentee. Helps to offer some structure and form to support newcomers to this practice.

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Guide for existing group members welcome and support newcomers. Includes welcome brochures, as well as formats and scripts for weekly meetings, mentoring and workshops.

List of, and links to, formats and scripts for different types of meetings.

Links to Index lists that links discussion topics with suggested readings from the book, Refuge Recovery. Lists include Alphabetical, Meditation, Inventory and Book Study.

Materials both from the Refuge Recovery website and those that we have created as part of Refuge Recovery Live. Most are oriented towards helping the newcomer make sense of, and get started on, the path of Refuge Recovery.

Formats and scripts for Half-Day workshops. We cannot stress enough that these workshops have been a very powerful and effective tool for building, strengthening and expanding our community.

Taking Refuge in Community, Teachings and Practices

Dharma Talks and Guided Meditations: As we are trying to cultivate stronger relationships with community, listening to dharma talks and guided meditations and reading the book refuge recovery are excellent ways to start to be more connected with the community.

Culture of Outreach Calls: Some of the most successful and vibrant peer support communities - especially long-distance ones - also have strong cultural norms around making contact with others through regular phone contact with others. Like meetings, having a format to rely upon can serve as a container to support members to take an action that can be very anxiety producing. See Find Community

Workshops: Our sangha has consistently experienced an increase in activity in the weeks after workshops. This includes the start of new meetings and an increase in the number of people working with the inventories, dharma buddies and mentors. We enthusiastically recommend making the effort to attend online workshops or to use these formats to organize one of your own!