“Jan’s compassion and understanding has been wonderful. What started out as a very painful process has been something I actually look forward to each week. I cannot thank Jan enough for being there to help me through the most difficult time in my life. It’s certainly been a journey with bumps along the way- and can’t recommend her highly enough”

“Faced my fears, was accepted and I value my self more now. Being heard and understood, I feel stronger in mind and know I have the right to be. Jan was a rock to come to once a week, a safe place. A place to reflect and understand. A gradual realisation through the weeks.”

"The most helpful aspect was making sense of where I am in life and why I felt the way I did, it isn't a fuzzy mess or fog any more. It was hard making that first step but so worth it. The sessions were helpful but also tough - I confronted lots of emotions and feelings I had no idea were there. I had no idea how to choose a counsellor but am so glad I chose Jan"“The service was professional, efficient and everything counselling should be … first class. I explored my difficulties, searched through them in a safe, trusting place and it was worth the pain, soul searching … a life changing experience”

"Help when no one else would listen. Treated at all times with total compassion and respect. Thank you so much for your help and support."

“Through talking to Jan, I feel I can see issues more clearly – and how to resolve difficulties. I wish I’d met Jan earlier”

“Excellent, overall. Jan is a lovely counsellor, who put me at ease. A lovely room, I felt safe in. Jan's support was very comforting”