I strive to offer supervision in a supervisee-centred way, respecting your process and unique way of working with your clients, what ever approach that might be. Over time my practice has broadened, and in line with client/supervisees needs or requests I have integrated other ways of working whilst remaining fundamentally routed in a humanistic and person centred approach. I believe that my way of working is orientated towards an experiential and relational approach.

I believe that supervision is an integral part of our self care as therapists and strive to offer a restorative experience. I operate from the perspective that we are colleagues and thus we work collaboratively together. I believe that the supervisory relationship is fundamental and strive to offer warmth, understanding, openness and safety to facilitate full exploration of your work. As part of my commitment to equalising the balance of power, I pay particular attention to the contracting process to enable us to explore our expectations, needs and boundaries. I am committed to ongoing review of the effectiveness of our work and invite your feedback.

I see my role is primarily about facilitating growth and development of your therapeutic practice. I strive to offer a space, free from external judgement, to enable you to fully explore what you might find demanding or challenging. I believe this exploration accompanied with appropriate respectful challenge is key to promoting development.

I have been trained to an Advanced Professional Level, at the University of Strathclyde. I have a number of years of experience in managing a counselling service with 20+ counsellors, responsibilities included recruitment, development of policy and procedures, day to day management, training development and introduction of a mentoring system for Counsellors in training.