I offer Counselling which is fundamentally based on person-centred principles. Person centred therapy is led by client needs and what the client (you) want to talk about or work on. The therapy ‘centres’ around you - the person, as ‘you’ are the expert in ‘you’. The approach is based on the belief that everyone can resolve their own difficulties and find their own answers, with the right therapeutic help. As I am led by your needs, I will adjust my way of working to suit your needs and integrate other approaches into our work together, so for example if you wanted to: work through difficult emotions relating to an experience, consider what choices you want to make or work on developing strategies, then I would facilitate you to do any of these things.

A key part of this type of therapy is that you and the counsellor develop a trusting relationship, through the counsellor being warm and genuine, and offering understanding and acceptance. Feeling accepted and understood, you would hopefully feel comfortable to share all of your experiences, without censoring of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and so develop a greater understanding of yourself. This greater understanding enables you to make choices about how you want to live your life.

I have a particular interest in trauma, abuse, grief and loss, which is underpinned by specialist training. I use my knowledge of how these experiences impact us and our nervous systems to inform my work. I have a deep understanding of how these experiences affect: our behaviour, how we relate to others and our emotional resilience. I am very much interested in the benefit of mindfulness in managing stress and improving our emotional health, I integrate my learning in this area and mindful approaches into my work.