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Here, Tsubasa Kato, also known as stingraze will discuss the world of networks, Sigmarion(s), Handheld PC, PDA, and more.I will give you insights from a Linux root living in Japan, who studied Applied Cyber Security in MIT in June, 2013.Updated on 11/23/2018. (22nd USA time)
I live in a place called Hiratsuka in Japan, where there are quite a few factories of all sorts. There is the Sagami River and several other smaller rivers around where I live. I study computers most of the time and have started consulting service for search engine creation these past few years. One thing I notice is that people do not really appreciate the "legacy" devices made around 1999-2003 which are the Windows CE device (Handheld PCs). The concept and the design of Handheld PCs are very good, and I use it from time to time to type my thoughts into the Sigmarion 3. I also use my EMONSTER S11HT (Tytn II variant, by EMOBILE (which is now Yahoo! mobile) ) and have installed both Lisp and Scheme on it.I like to code in Scheme in my spare time, Lisp is a little bit too high hurdle to me, but Scheme is friendlier for