Nova Scotia On Tour

Nova Scotia On Tour hosts are a duo based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. We provide edu-comedy videos about the beautiful province we live in. Nova Scotia On Tour’s mission is to educate and entertain our viewers and help direct them to information that could benefit their lives. Two different perspectives; young and old, a family friendly YouTube Channel.

Videos & Episodes

What Is An Air BNB Online Experience?

Airbnb Online Experiences are online activities hosted by inspiring local experts. They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in a Host's unique world. On any device, hooked up to a strong internet connection, over zoom, you can watch, participate if you like, with or without your camera on.

Virtual Reality Guide Tour Of Nova Scotia

We are here to be your virtual tour guides to this little secret place that celebrities and royalty have visited. I will walk you through 5 different destinations that are a must see! Through Virtual Reality my guests will experience a 360 degrees feel of what these places are like. (no headset required)

When 7 Seashell's Sing

a children's book by Jennifer Forrest

Rough Seas Marketing is proud to have the opportunity to create the illustrations for this children's book. Here are some examples of what has been created so far. From a rough sketch idea, a storyboard is created and upload into Adobe Illustrator. Lined and painted and exported to be printed into a book.

How To Raise Back Yard Chickens

Owning chickens is a commitment that can be rewarding on many levels; however, one must understand that owning an animal comes with preparation responsibility and sorrow. In this online course you will learn how to raise chickens in your own back yard. Whether you live in an urban area or are in a more rural setting. Student will take away a good understanding of what one needs to prepare keeping chickens and raising them until geriatrics. Through research and discovery, students will learn the stages of chicken development. They will learn how having chickens on your property can provide a synergistic self-sustaining lifestyle. Also, how having backyard chickens can provide their owner with a potential side income. The course operates in an online self-directed format with 5 educational guideline modules.