Reason Roughhousing Is Good For Kids and Ways to Keep It Safe

Roughhousing is the great activity for the children to engage in for certain important reasons. First, it involves moving which helps children to regulate emotions. Then there is the laughter which helps children to get rid of anxiety and anger, and helps in the release of more oxytocin which is also called bonding hormone. This practice also develops self-esteem, especially in the kids who feel bad due to a disbelief in the body strength. When the roughhousing involves fighting, the children learn about controlling aggression.

Roughhousing, however, can go wrong when the children get hurt during jumping or pillow fighting. This is the reason that some parents start worrying the moment the roughhousing intensifies. Nevertheless, roughhousing itself is not something to blame. You can control things at your end to make sure safety is intact.

Luckily, controlling the roughhousing in order to ensure safety is not a difficult thing. Children need to be taught about the rules which can ensure their safety. It doesn’t really mean that you should summon them all before they start playing to give them a verbal lesson. You can actually watch them play or play with them. And when you see they are going in the direction you don’t want them to go, you can intervene to put them back on track. However, it’s your job to make sure that you are making your children to stay away from the harm’s way. Hence, they shouldn’t need you every time to intervene for their safety.

Set limits

Although it’s normal to get angry when the children roughhouse with the undesired intensity, it doesn’t provide the results you can hope from the roughhousing. So, when you see that your children are starting to go too far or cross the limit, do some intervention to ensure safety. However, it doesn’t also mean that you should start suppressing your anger and do nothing. That will make the things go out of hand.

Empathize when you have an alternate to offer

When you insist children to play outside of the home’s interior, you should put this choice in front of them as an offer. Do it with empathy to make sure that your kids pick your opinion as their own choice.

Ensure enjoyment for everyone

A little supervision will help you to know whether everyone is enjoying the activity. If you see the younger kid getting bored or angry at a stage, you can as the elder ones to stop playing and ask the younger one to explain what’s causing him to have this boredom or anger.

Letting the kids to choose safety

Although you are there to ensure children’s safety, helping your children to make safety rules can be actually beneficial. This way, they will be able to enjoy the game without getting interrupted due to intervention from adults.

Anticipate the tears

When the children get hurt during this roughhousing activity, it’s not the time to blame anyone. Instead, you need to be empathic to everyone. Sometimes, children may cry louder even with the little pain. It’s a good thing actually. When they cry louder, they actually get rid of the negative emotions they would have gathered in the ‘emotional backpack’ for quite some time. When they get rid of these emotions, they come back into the game in much relaxed state.