Zone 17

Zone 17 of Rotary International

Regional coordinators:

  • Rotary Coordinator (RC)

  • Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC)

  • Endowment / Major Gifts Adviser (EMGA) TÄMÄ LINKKI EI MINULLA TOIMI!)

  • End Polio Now Zone Coordinator (EPNZC)

  • Rotary Public Image Coordinator (RPIC)

There are over 500 Rotary districts in the world, so some organization between the district and Rotary International is needed. Thus the districts are organized into 34 zones. Each zone has coordinators who assist the leadership of their districts in their designated areas (see above).

Our zone 17 consists of the following 14 Rotary districts:

  • 1385 Finland

  • 1390 Finland

  • 1410 Finland

  • 1420 Estonia and Finland

  • 1430 Finland

  • 2223 Russia

  • 2320 Sweden

  • 2330 Sweden

  • 2340 Sweden

  • 2350 Sweden

  • 2370 Sweden

  • 2380 Sweden

  • 2400 Sweden

  • 2410 Latvia and Sweden

Two zones are paired organizing training events, the most important of these being Governors-Elects Training Seminar (GEST) and Governors-Nominee Training Seminar (GNTS). These are organized annually in connection with regional Rotary Institutes. The next GETS/GNTS/Institute week of our zone will take place in Prague on

September 14 to 19, 2021 ( Zone 17 is paired with zone 18, which has 16 districts in Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden. The Prague event will be exceptional by having participants from seven zones.

Zone pairing is also used for selecting Directors who sit on the Board of Rotary International. The Board has 17 directors, each of them representing two zones. The directors have a two-year term, and zones 17 and 18 alternate in nominating the director. The RID (RI Director) serving zones 17 and 18 in the years 2020 – 2022 is Virpi Honkala from District 1385. She will be followed by RIDN Lena Mjerskaug from Norway.

Together zones 17 and 18 cover a record distance from Greenland in the west to Kamchatka in the east.