Welcome to the Assistant Governor resource page. This answers many questions about the role of AG.

Who is my Assistant Governor (AG)?

  • AGs are experienced and dedicated Rotarians.
  • Every AG has served as club presidents and knows the struggles you face as president of your club
  • AGs are assigned to clubs by region so they are close by
  • Your AG knows how to use Club Central, Club Runner, and other tools you are required to use in your office
AG Training Track Assignments for RLS

What is the Assistant Governor's Role?

Your Club's Assistant Governor should be invited to:

  • Attend club meetings (quarterly)
  • Attend club board meetings (at least quarterly) - Hint: Use '' or call your AG by phone if he or she lives far away and involve them in your board meeting to update you on District and International items.
  • Be recognized in club meetings when in attendance
  • Say a few words whenever he or she is at a meeting or event
  • Participate in Service Projects & Fundraisers


  • Return phone calls and respond to emails and texts that your AG sends you
  • If you need help or have questions please call your AG before you call the District Governor
What is the AG’s Role PETS 2019

FROM ROTARY INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE (use this link to make links in the image below functional)

AG Manual.pdf


1. PRIOR TO PETS: When you arrive at PETs it would be best if you got there before noon so you can be ready to greet your clubs as they arrive between 12 and 1. We will be setting up and decorating from 10 to noon if you want to help. I’ll have a box lunch and a soda in my hotel room for those who come early to help. Lunch will be available starting at 11:30 because we want to be in the registration area from noon to 1:00. We will start the Summit promptly at 1:00

2. WHAT TO WEAR: I have dark blue D5400 polo shirts for the AGs and Committee Chairs to wear during the summit so you are easy to identify. If you haven’t picked up yours yet, get it from my room and put it on by noon. Also wear your RED SHOES if you have them so we can STOMP OUT POLIO. WEAR YOUR OFFICIAL NAME TAG.

3. GREET: When your club participants get there, take them into the MAIN meeting room and get them seated. PEs will sit up front. Other participants toward the back since they will be leaving the room for their breakout session at 1:30.

4. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Use this time from 12-1 to build relationships with your clubs. Start with your PEs and make certain that they can log on to the hotel wifi: "Convention Center Wifi" password:’rocks'

5. BOOKLET: Introduce participants to This gives all the details of our conference. it is the conference online booklet with the schedule, goals, workshop resources etc.

6. CREDENTIALS: Help participants enter their user names and passwords for and club runner (the member side of Help them do it on their phones and other devices.

7. CLUB CENTRAL: Have them check their leadership status on club central for 2019-20. Make sure all club executives are properly listed. PAY ATTENTION TO THE YEAR 2019-20

8. GOAL CENTER: Have them go to my goal center on and get them familiar with the site.

9. FRIDAY BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Please attend the breakout session you are assigned to attend. (See below) There are approximately 10 to 12 assigned to each breakout session except for Presidents Elect which is 35.

10. SATURDAY 7AM BRIEFING: All AGs and District officers meet for breakfast in the hotel breakfast room for a briefing at 7am.

11. SATURDAY BREAKOUT SESSION: You will be leading a breakout discussion session on Saturday at 11:00am. You will take all from your clubs and find a corner where you can lead a discussion group. Here is link to the suggested sorts fo discussion questions your might ask. This is your time to bond with your clubs, encourage collaboration, set up dates for your club visit in July, and have Q&A

12. SATURDAY AFTERNOON: From 2:00 - 5:00 you will be helping your clubs enter their goals into the goal center on AGs will have access for their own clubs. When your club has entered all its goals into the goal center, have them come to me to receive their club banner, ring the bell, and say goodbye.