President Elect Rich Kirkham invites YOU to come to Rotary Club Leadership Training. "All Rotarians are leaders, and all leaders can improve and sharpen their skills." You don't know what you don't know. The Rotary Club Leadership Summit is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary and how YOU can make a difference in the world.

Welcome to Rotary Club Leadership Summit and Pets 2019. Every year in March we bring club leaders together for this event. Why do we do this?

FUN. My first goal in anything I do in life is to have fun, joy and fulfillment in whatever I do. For me this event is no different. If you come and you don't have fun, then I will feel I have failed. If our Rotary associations aren't fun and enjoyable then it's going to be difficult to get people to follow us. So come to RLS/PETs and lets have some FUN!

FELLOWSHIP. The Rotary International mission statement says, in part, "We see a world where people UNITE". That means we come together and fellowship with one another. We make friends. We forge alliances. We work together to bring about lasting change. At RLS/PETs you will meet and associate with District Leaders and other Club leaders who stand ready to be your friend and ally in the good you are doing in your club and community. So come to RLS/PETs and lets make some new FRIENDS!

TRAINING. Maybe a better word to use besides 'training' is TAKE ACTION. At RLS/PETs your goal will be to retreat with other leaders in your club and create a vision for what you can do during your brief year to TAKE ACTION and create lasting change. You will be inspired. You will make a difference during your year. So come to RLS/PETs and lets TAKE ACTION!

So, welcome to RLS/PETs 2019!

HOW TO CONTACT THE DISTRICT GOVERNOR: My goal is to be accessable to you when you need me. If you have a procedural questions, I recommend you contact your Assistant Governor first. The AG will then contact me if necessary.

My email is:

My phone is: 208-251-2222