The Psychology of College Life

SPRK-001-12 (CRN: 16348)

MW 5:30 - 7:20pm @ COB#1 Rm. 282


Spring, 2019

Jan 23

Introduction to Course

Lecture: Why Use Science?

Install SPSS

Jan 28

Lecture: The Scientific Method

SPSS: Basics (Part 1)

Jan 30

Lecture: Reviewing Past Research

Begin Literature Search

Pick Article to Review

Feb 4

Library Speaker (Review of Library Resources)

Literary Support Modules

Work on Research Review

Feb 6

SPSS: Basics (Part 2)

Finalize Review Presentations

Feb 11

Present Review Articles to Class

Feb 13

Exam 1

Feb 18

No Class (Presidents Day)

Feb 20

Lecture: Non-Experimental Methods

Form Teams; Discuss Potential Research Topics

Begin Work on Literature Review

Feb 25

Lecture: Experimental Methods

Work on Literature Review

Feb 27

SPSS: Review of Basics

Mar 4

Lecture: Hypothesis Testing

Literature Reviews Peer-reviews

Mar 6

SPSS: Chi-Square

Literature Review Due Friday (Mar 8)

Mar 11

Lecture: Survey Methods

Begin Work on Research Proposal

How to Create Experimental Materials

Mar 13

SPSS: T-test

Mar 18

Exam 2

Mar 20

Lecture: Conducting Experiments Ethically

Work on Informed Consent and Debriefing Forms

Mar 25

No Class (Spring Break)

Mar 27

No Class (Spring Break)

Apr 1

Work on Research Proposal

Apr 2

SPSS: Working with Survey Data

Research Proposal Due Friday (Apr 4)

Apr 8

Lecture: Sampling Methods

Participate in Online Experiments

Apr 10

SPSS: Review

Apr 15

Analyze Experimental Data

Write Results Statement

Apr 17

Lecture: Confounds and Experimental Error

Begin Work on Discussion Section

Apr 22

Work on Results and Discussion Sections

May 24

Finalize Final Research Paper

Research Paper Due Friday (May 26)

Apr 29

Lecture: Making the Most of College Life

Guest Speaker: Myra Fernandez from Center for Career and Professional Advancement

May 1

Exam 3

May 6

Finalizing Presentations

May 8

Final Presentations

May 16 (Thursday) @ 3pm

Make-up Exam

(only for those who missed a previous exam)