Experimental Methods & Designs


Fall, 2018

Aug 28

Watch: Reviewing Research

How to Use PsychINFO

Assign LTA1: Research Review

LTA1 Team Assignments

Aug 30

Watch: Experimental Ethics

Fundamentals of Science Writing

Work on LTA1


SPSS: Basics (Part 2)

Sept 4

Watch: Research Fundamentals

Work on LTA1

Sept 6

Peer-review of LTA1


SPSS: Reviewing Basics

Sept 11

Exam 1

LTA1 Due

Sept 13

​​Lecture: Observational Methods

Assign LTA2: Observational Study

LTA2 Team Assignments

Create SPSS Datafile for LTA2


SPSS: Chi-Square

Sept 18

​​​Lecture: Sampling Methods

Collect LTA2 Data

Sept 25

Lecture: Alternative Methods

Work on LTA2 Introduction and Methods Sections

Sept 27

SPSS: Review of Group Differences

Tutorial Dataset


Analyze LTA2 data

Oct 2

Exam 2

LTA2 Due

Oct 4

Lecture: Experimental Methods

LTA3: Part 1 (Review Past Research)

LTA3 Team Assignments

Oct 9

​​Lecture: Survey Methods

How to make survey items

Construct Prejudice Survey

Oct 16

Lecture: Conducting Experiments

LTA3: Part 2 (Research Abstract)

Abstract Due Wednesday (Oct 17)

Oct 18

LTA3: Part 3 (Create Measures)


SPSS: Factor Analysis

Oct 23

​​Lecture: Measurement Theory

LTA3: Part 4 (Research Proposal)

Oct 26

Finalize LTA3 Research Proposal

Oct 30

Exam 3

LTA3 Due

Nov 1

Lecture: Correlation & Regression

Collect Data for Lab


SPSS: Regression

Nov 6

No Class

Nov 8

Lecture: Complex Experiments

Participate in Online Study



Nov 13

Lecture: Publication Ethics

Begin Making LTA3 Presentation (Intro & Methods)

Nov 15

Lecture: Multiple Regression


Review ANOVA

LTA3: Part 5 (Analyze Data)

Nov 20

Work on LTA3 Presentations

Nov 22

Holiday (Thanksgiving)

Nov 27

​​Lecture: Careers in Psychology

(Don't need to watch lecture videos before class)

Nov 29

Finalize LTA3 Presentation

Dec 4

Exam 4

Dec 6

LTA3 Presentations


Make-up Exam

(only for those who missed a previous exam)