Rosemaling Coast To Coast Convention

June 26 - 28, 2018

Rosemaling Coast to Coast, Inc. Mission Statement

The purpose of Rosemaling Coast to Coast, Inc. shall be to celebrate the art of rosemaling through a national organization that assists, supports and enriches the artistic activities of the individual while strengthening the rosemaling community through newsletters, articles, books and biennial conventions.

Take a look at how the Rosemaling Coast To Coast Organization got its start. Find out our purpose, a little more about us and what our plans are for the future.

Get to know our board members and how to contact us, as well.

Check out our About Us page to find out more... about us!

Check out the amazing rosemalers that will be featured at the 2017 Rosemaling Coast to Coast Conference! We have artists from Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota and more! These talented painters will offer classes, tips and share some of their techniques in the engaging classes at the convention.

Check out our Featured Artist Page to learn more about our artists!

Are you interested in helping out at the convention? Would you like to get more information about HOW to help out? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat, just waiting to be asked to get involved?

We need YOU!

Check out our Get Involved page to find out more information on what is needed and sign up to help!

Hallingdal, Telemark, Rogaland, Gudbrandsdal and Os. If these painting styles are second nature and dear to your heart, or if they are brand new and hard to pronounce, we have classes for you!

Check out our Classes page to see what classes are offered and who will be teaching the various types of classes. Whether you are dipping your toe into a new style, taking a class to better a style in which you are already familiar, or just beginning and learning the difference between linseed and walnut oils... there is a class for you.

We are excited to offer several days of classes and events at the Rosemaling Coast to Coast Convention.

Check out our Schedule page to get an idea of when things are happening, when the Vesterheim tours are beginning, what events/classes will be taking place while you are at the Rosemaling Coast to Coast Convention and when you can schedule your shopping trip into the heart of Decorah.

Luther College will be hosting the Rosemaling Coast to Coast Convention this year. We will be staying in dorms within walking distance to the classes, meeting areas and dining halls.

Check out the Housing page to learn more about the housing options for the 2018 Rosemaling Coast to Coast Convention.

Our inaugural Rosemaling Coast to Coast Convention would not have been possible without hours of work from our amazing volunteers, generous grants from organization and private donors and support from incredible artists all over our nation. Tusen Takk!!

We also want to thank YOU! It has been fun connecting with so many artists from so many places. We are proud to support the growth of our Norwegian Rosemaling community.

Thank you to those who helped to make this event happen!