Roseheart Reiki

Treatment Sessions

The treatment takes about 40-50 minutes in a standard session. You will be relaxing on a treatment couch and covered with a light blanket if needed . I channel Reiki using a series of hand placements working both on the body and in the energy field. I will play some gentle music for you to listen to during the session .

Most clients find the session time very relaxing and many fall asleep. Reiki is a nurturing, comforting energy and the ultimate aim of a general session is to help you feel more relaxed and balanced. However, if you have a specific issue that you would like to address I can tailor your session accordingly.

If you have any questions, please give me a call or email, or see the Reiki FAQ for what you can generally expect during a session.

Additional Roseheart Reiki Sessions

If after your reiki session you wish to explore further the energies surrounding you in your life, you can also add an angel/oracle card interpretation to your treatment session time. The cards offer a mechanism/tool to help indicate where you can improve your approach to things or simply shed more light on the best way forward. Either way, this can be an enjoyable look at where you are currently, so please let me know when booking if you would like to explore this option (session time is 1 hour 15 mins)

A Reiki Drum Therapy session offers effective healing to clear energetic blocks, re-program mental patterning, stimulate past life recall and journey to your wisest self for answers (in the Reiki Drum Journey sessions).

The combination of drum beats and reiki healing energy is a powerful healing tool that draws on shamanic techniques . It helps to clear stuck energy and gets you back in touch with your body's own rhythms. It is deeply relaxing and a wonderful therapy to try. It is particularly helpful if you suffer from depression, anxiety or deep seated emotional problems.

Flower Power Sessions

These sessions combine both Lotus Blossom Head Massage and Reiki. The benefit of these is that you will receive a relaxing upper back, neck and head massage, followed by a super relaxing reiki session. If you are wanting both massage and energy healing, then Flower Power will soothe your aching muscles and lift your spirits.

*New* Flower Power Drum also includes shamanic drumming and breath work.

Distant Reiki Treatment Sessions

Reiki has a similar effect when sent over a distance, although the experience will vary from an in person treatment.

There are a number of different distant healing treatments available, as well as a traditional Usui reiki healing treatment.

All sessions last a total of 40 minutes. Appointments in real time over Zoom.

Please look at the Reiki FAQ page for further information on Reiki.

I am a master teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation.