Reiki Drum Therapy

The Reiki Drum Technique was developed by Michael Arthur Baird in the US in 1999. As both a shamanic drummer and reiki healer, he was inspired to create a fusion of the two. The healing beats of the drum are married with the reiki energy that is carried on the sound waves, penetrating into the energy field and body of the client. Echoing both the heartbeat of mother earth and the human heart, the drum beat carries the recipient on a journey through rich inner landscapes, creating both a sacred and safe space for practitioner and client.

The Reiki Drum Therapy sessions can be experienced in three different ways, although it is probably best to start with a drum healing, so that you are comfortable with the sound of the drum. You receive the treatment lying on a treatment couch, as in a traditional reiki session, the drumming comes first and later the reiki integrates the work done by the drum. I play the drums around you at a comfortable distance around the body and at a volume that is both supportive and nurturing. I have a number of drums that I use, either for healing treatments or for for healing drum journeys.

Reiki Drum Healing Specific energetic blocks and issues can be addressed in these sessions, although you do not need to have any particular issue in mind for the session. The session starts with drumming around your body. This allows the reiki frequencies to be carried by the sound waves into your bio- magnetic field. Energetic blocks can be transmuted/released, the drum beats are deeply grounding and transformative. The drumming part of the treatment session is followed by traditional Reiki hands on healing to fully integrate the healing.

Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Re-programming Working with affirmations and the subconscious mind, this technique also helps with personal issues and can help release negative habits and tendencies (a series of treatment sessions is recommended). Gentle drumming around your energy field is followed by hands on Reiki healing.

The Reiki Drum Journey a mainly meditative process and the first part of the session is a guided meditation using precise drum beats throughout, the drum is used as a tool to both transfer reiki healing and also provide rhythmic entrainment, inducing deep relaxation with first alpha and then theta brainwave states.

The theta state allows you to access your deepest intuition and allows you to easily tap into your own soul's guidance, often providing solutions to important life issues, past life resolutions and ancestral healing. Clients reach altered states of consciousness which are triggered and maintained by the rhythmic drum beat.

The reiki drum journey stimulates both empowering and healing experiences; clients frequently uncover further personal insights in the days following the sessions.